This Glorious Adventure

Pictures and things that inspire me (or just make me laugh), which don't fit where I write big wordy things.

And I realized that there’s a big difference between deciding to leave and knowing where to go.

—Robyn Schneider, The Beginning of Everything (via quotes-shape-us)

Sharing this for someone who could maybe use it…and maybe my future self.

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This. is. Just. Awesome. It shows why I never liked Howard and always rooted for Freddie. Well done to him and Sarah! Confident love is romantic.

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if u ever need something to smile at here’s my dog in his raincoat

That, my friend, is a puppy in a poncho.

D’aww….much better now.



The incredible Kris Straub (krisstraub) once again was called on to make the introductory video to the Acquisitions Inc. live game, and once again he delivers gold.

The game is in five days, get hyped!

i am incredible!! i hope you like it

So wish I was at PAXe for this!